2017 Ford Fiesta price, Specs, Powertrain and Release Date

Mid-size car becoming one of the most favorite car segments in auto market. Some great auto manufactures –including Ford, always try to produce the great car in this segment to welcome their worldwide customers. Based on some leaked information, Ford will be ready to release the new Fiesta. It will be good option for those who want to get the modern mid-size car with well performance. Here, we will talk about the 2017 Ford Fiesta price and some specs.ford fiesta price after gst


2017 Ford Fiesta exterior

We predict that the 2017 Ford Fiesta price in South Africa is around $59,000. It will come with the excellent detail in its exterior. The exterior of the new mid-size is good with the metallic accent coming from the carbon material. The new material of the body of the car also will decrease the total weight of the car. In other hand, the body of the car is also sleek with no-line design for simple look.ford fiesta price and details

Still talking about the exterior of the 2017 Ford Fiesta, it is nice with the renewals in its front. Bigger bumper and grille occur in the front side to make a stronger look. In other hand, it also applies the new concept in headlight with bigger and sharper detail. The complete renewals in its exterior will influence the increase of 2017 Ford Fiesta price.ford fiesta price australia


Ford Fiesta interior

Then, how about the interior of the new mid-size from Ford? The interior comes greatly with the modern accent in basic theme. It has good cabin with soft color. We expect that the 2017 Ford Fiesta price in India is similar with before but now it has better interior.ford fiesta price and images

There are two row seats inside the car, which will cover up to four passengers in maximal. The interior of the new mid-size is also good with some new features there. There are some great features to see, such as the new audio system, new GPS, Bluetooth, USB port and others. Well, it also will increase the 2017 Ford Fiesta price.ford fiesta price automatic

2017 Ford Fiesta engine

Below the hood, Ford applies 1.2L V4 engine. The engine uses Eco-boost as basic tech, which will increase the acceleration of the engine. The new engine is able to reach up to 138 horsepower. Then, it also has better fuel use of higher efficiency.ford fiesta price malaysia 2017

Ford Fiesta price and release date

We expect that the 2017 Ford Fiesta RS price is around $60,000 in average. However, there will be some technical factors, which will influence the 2017 Ford Fiesta price becoming higher or lower. Then, we assume that the new car will come to the market in the end of this year.


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