2017 Ford Ranger News And Review

After more than 30 years since its first appearance, the Ford Ranger now has become a pride in America in recent years, especially with the awards received as the best pickups on the international arena in 2013 ago, make Ford Ranger the more in interest by fans, this is may beat Ford F-150, much less in terms of sales of the Ranger is always better. We know Wildtrak models are very loved by his fans. And now, with the 2017 Ford Ranger concept to come, this car will get a redesign to be more useful pickup.2017 ford ranger 4x4


The redesigned 2017 Ford Ranger to show the new face with a little refreshment from the previous model. All-New 2017 Ford Ranger has more capacity than a truck, with a lighter body so Ranger would be quite efficient in fuel use. 2017 Ford Ranger exterior will still appear in the style of his manhood, to the interior of the Ford Ranger will be some interesting changes, forms and layers of fine seats, the dashboard is more organized with elements of luxury and elegance.2017 ford ranger australia

2017 Ford Ranger Engine Performance
So far there are probably just rumors about the information engine for 2017 Ford Ranger. There will be a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine with 4-cylinder capable of producing 143 hp, the possibilities for the next generation 2017 Ford Ranger on the choice of the model will use a 2.5-liter Duratec engine with four-cylinder engine capable of producing 174 hp. Ranger has all-wheel drive system and a new suspension pickup so as it will remain a favorite in its class.2017 ford ranger images


2017 Ford Ranger Release Date
Something interesting and are certainly going to happen when the Ford Ranger could soon appear in front of his fans. New 2017 Ford Ranger possibility could release in the car market by the end of this year.2017 ford ranger towing capacity 2017 ford ranger price usa


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