2018 Ford mustang Specs, Performance, Engine and Release Date

Ford now becomes one of the well and most prominent manufactures in the world, which always products the great vehicle to pleasant their customers around the world. To open the 2018 market next year, Ford makes good preparation by the planning to release 2018 Ford mustang. Mustang will come to the market and complete the sport car segment. We are sure that it will be excellent choice for future car.2018 ford mustang ecoboost specs


Ford mustang exterior specs

Some people may ask about the 2018 Ford Mustang price but we will talk about the exterior design of it first. The exterior of the new car comes with the excellent and stunning detail look. The new Ford comes with metallic accent in its body by the use of carbon in base material. There will be some color options, we guess, with black or red as the favorite.2018 ford mustang gt convertible


The future exterior of 2018 Ford mustang also will come with some new features. The new bumper comes greatly in the front of the car by the bigger and stronger detail. It is also nice with the chrome accent in look. Then, beside the bumper, there are two beautiful headlight with sharper and LED lighting for brighter light.2018 ford mustang gt350

2018 Ford mustang interior

Come to the future auto market, new Ford will come with the convertible seating class. It means that by the 2018 Ford Mustang convertible, the sport car will be an exclusive car with two passengers in maximal.

The interior of the new car is good by the use of leather as the base material of seat. Each seat of 2018 Ford mustang is also good with new headrest and safety belt. Moving to see its features, Ford applies new LCD touchscreen in its dashboard to display the new GPS better. It also has new audio system and complete entertainment tool to color the journey.2018 ford mustang mpg

2018 Ford mustang engine specs

Below the hood, new car will apply 4.0L V8 Eco-boost engine. The big engine of 2018 Ford mustang is good to reach up to 380 horsepower @6,000 rpm. In other hand, the Eco-boost engine is also nice to increase the acceleration and maximize the use of fuel.2018 ford mustang review

Ford mustang price and release date

We have no official information about the price of the new Mustang. However, we expect that the price of 2018 Ford mustang is around $45,000. Then, about the 2018 Ford Mustang release date, we assume that it will come to the market in the first quarter of next year.2018 ford mustang v6


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