Ford Became No. 1 Best Global Green Brands

One more very proud achievement comes from Ford, for his commitment over the past few years in improving water conservation programs in the company’s global facilities and advanced approaches to sustainable manufacturing processes and environmentally responsible. Ford Motor Company achieve success in reaching the first rank in the list of 50 Best Global Green Brands 2014 ford dealer in texas


Vice president, Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering Robert Brown said, “In our Ford factory work and strive to develop the highest quality products in the market for our customers. We are also able to produce goods that are environmentally responsible and replicate all of these things globally”. The same sentence is also expressed by Interbrand’s Global Chief Executive Officer Jez Frampton, he said: “Over the past few years, Ford has been proven to lead fully integrated into Ford’s overall business strategy. Accordingly, the company can quickly identify and address the impact on the environment and also society that is run every facet of operations “best ford diesel 2017

What secret Ford could be No. 1 Best Global Green Brands 2014!
Ford Motor Company has firm commitments to run the company as a supplier. The leaders at Ford believe that having affordable clean drinking water and access to sanitation is a basic human right, and last year Ford managed to reduce water usage per vehicle by 30 percent globally from the benchmark year 2009, this means that the company achieved its goal two years earlier than a predetermined schedule. This plan will still continue to run and this year is expected to reduce water usage by 2 percent again as long-term goals. Conversion of water is very important for populations throughout the world, especially in areas with increasing levels of ford service best ford lease deals


With good cooperation of the Ford Motor Company, it is not wrong if this year Ford became No. 1 Best Global Green Brands. With this achievement already completed resistance other major companies, including Toyota. For subsequent years, the competition will certainly be fierce because many vehicle companies around the world want to try to create a vehicle that closely hearts of the people.


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