Ford F150 Raptor design and performance

The Ford F150 Raptor will release the new car that will amaze people because of the specs and design. In this year, the car will be the thirteenth generation from F150. For the new car, it will come with numerous safety technologies that will keep the people inside the car well. Furthermore, the car also has amazing design in both exterior and interior. The design of this car will represent the speed and performance of the car that are f150 raptor wallpaper ford f150 raptor racing


The car design

Since this car is truck car, it has amazing design at the exterior. This car will be designed large and the front car has aggressive grille and bumper. This car is designed sportier than the previous generation. Moreover, the car interior also will comfort you because it has some features that comfort people inside the car. The Ford f 150 raptor interior is also designed with nice arrangement. The cabin of this car is stylish and it uses black leather and aluminum f150 raptor 2017 ford f 150 raptor supercab

Furthermore, a big 8-inch touchscreen are available in this car and it is placed on the dashboard. Therefore, it can access the blind spot monitoring system. Since the design of this car is great, it will influence the price of this car. For 2018 ford f 150 raptor price, it will be about $55.000. It will be the lowest price of this f 150 raptor engine specs ford f 150 raptor 2017 price


The performance of the Ford F150 Raptor

The car has amazing performance because it has nice engine. This car will use a 3.5 L EcoBoost and it will be supported with a 10 automatic gearbox. It also will be supported with some features inside the car that can comfort people to drive this Ford F150 Raptor. With this engine, the car can perform 0-60 mph for 6.1-6.3 second and the top of speed of this car is 100 mph. Therefore, ford f 150 raptor price is higher than the previous one because it has some upgraded system inside the car. Also read: Ford EcoSport Design and Review


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