Ford F650 Exterior, Interior, Price, Engine

In the class of Ford car, F650 may be considered as the best. What makes it great is that this vehicle comes with impressive design, amazing body trim level, and good strength. Besides that, it also offers quiet engine. Even though the engine is quiet, it is really powerful to meet your need. That is why it is recommended so f650 pictures


F650 Exterior

Compared to the last version, the new version of Ford F650 pickup is has greater tow rating with 31,200 pounds. Some upgraded suspension & tires are also offered. The exterior is changed on some parts such as the new side steps, mirror caps, tow hooks, tailgate handles, chrome door, chrome accents, mesh details and chrome grille. Overall, it looks elegant and f650 raptor


F650 Interior

Inside the vehicle, you will find that it is really impressive. You can enjoy listening to music and using some features like voice control, making a call, hands free calling, etc. It is also comfortable with heated steering wheel, leather trimmed seats, power-adjustable pedals, and there are still many other features included. Overall, the features are complete enough to meet your f650 spec

F650 Price

This impressive truck comes with competitive price. Ford F650 price is various. It depends on some factors such as country, tax, models, etc. However, it starts from 60,000 dollars and the highest price can be up to 70,000 f650 super duty ford f650 super truck

F650 Engine

This vehicle is well known with its powerful engine. Even more, the engine also lasts longer. That is why you can find Ford F650 for sale easily with good condition. For your information, F650 is powered by the 2nd gen of 6.7 L power stroke V8 turbo diesel engine. This engine belongs to the best class in fuel economy. It can generate 440 horsepower as well as 860 pounds feet of torque. It is really amazing.


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