Ford Mustang 1967 Redesign and Concept

Ford mustang 1967 sees the major refreshments on the similar year. For first time since the release, this car faces serious competition. It results in ford examining the weakness and strength of 1967 ford mustang for sale. It makes the company to make this car to be more powerful and mustang 1967 eleanor for sale ford mustang 1967 fastback


Ford mustang 1967 refreshments

Feeling under pressure from others competitions, ford has to make this car more powerful so it can keep up with others competitor. The answers come in the forms of large vehicle. Although the wheelbases remain the similar at 108 inches, it increases the length of car by two inches that result on 183.6 inches from the front to the back. This mustang 1967 Shelby gt500 also features front suspension tracks which are widened up to 2.5 inches. With its increased by sizes, it allows ford to put the first big block engine component in this mustang 1967 for sale australia


Ford mustang 1967 engines

The optional 390 cubic inch of V8 motor 6.4 liter is capable in producing powerful 320 horsepower. With this, ford mustang 1967 gt500 is clearly able for keeping up with big engine on the roads. Based on the reliable reports, this engine equipment can achieve 0 up to 60 mph only in 7.4 second with the top speed up to 115 mustang 1967 gt500 for sale ford mustang 1967 shelby gt500 eleanor

Ford mustang 1967 new features

Others notable refreshment on mustang 1967 cabrio involves the side scoop which is painted to suit the car’s color. Previously, this side scoop is chrome plated. These new scoops resemble more closely real intake than on previous version. Its front end is also designed differently with the past. There will be new grille differently features horizontal and vertical bar which works its ways out from galloping horses on the whole 4 directions. The openings toward its grilles are larger as compared to previous model. This refreshed front ends make ford mustang 1967 looks more muscular and also cooler.

ford mustang 1967 specs


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