Ford Ranger Raptor Specs, Price, and Day of Release

The newest version of ford ranger raptor would come with lightweight body and more compact designs. So, it will result on much better overall performances. This car is expected for being released on North America someday in 2018. About the price, it will be something near ford ranger raptor 2018. ford ranger raptor body kit


Ford ranger raptor spec reviews

Talking about specs, this ford ranger raptor 2018 would come reportedly with some options of engine equipments as this is launched on the markets. The first choice must be 3.2-liter I5 turbo diesel power stroke. Actually, this 5-cylinder diesel current used by ford transit with the peak powers around 185 hp on 3.000 rpm as well as 350 lb ft of the torque which is available on 1.500 until 2.750 rpm. There is more powerful engine choices offered to the customers. It includes V6 EcoBoost engine that can deliver up to 365 hp at 5.000 rpm as well as 420 lb ft of the torque on 2.500 ranger raptor conversion ford ranger raptor grill for sale

Additionally, V6 engine 2.7 liter EcoBoost must be one of most efficient gasoline specs, that is offered today by ford f150. These engines are paired to 6-speed automatic transmissions while the power outputs reach 375 lb ft of the torque and 325 hp. Based on the rumor, this engine component will be available also on the next generation with RWD and AWD configuration. By means of ford ranger raptor kit, the transmission system will include eight-speed automatic and six-speed automatic. ford ranger raptor diesel


Ford ranger raptor pricing and day of releases

There is still no official information from the company regarding the price tags and release dates. Many people, however, guess that the car would be launched on United States at late 2018. We could expect also the starting prices for 2018 model of ford ranger raptor are about $20.000 for base model as well as roughly $30.000 for ranger raptor model. Mark the date if you want to pick this car for being yours. Also read: Ford Mustang 1965 Changes and Revisions

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