Ford Mustang 1965 Changes and Revisions

The introduction of new version of ford mustang 1965 creates more interest and excitement among its fans and customers. It will come in 3 different vehicles. Those are 260 cubic in V8 engines mated with 3-speed manual transmission system, 289 cubic that produce 210 hp with four-speed transmissions system and 289 cubic in automatic transmission. […]

Ford F150 Raptor design and performance

The Ford F150 Raptor will release the new car that will amaze people because of the specs and design. In this year, the car will be the thirteenth generation from F150. For the new car, it will come with numerous safety technologies that will keep the people inside the car well. Furthermore, the car also […]

Ford EcoSport Design and Review

Ford EcoSport will give you new experience in driving because this car has impressive design and specs that will satisfy you to drive. The car has nice design especially for the exterior because this car smaller design than SUV car. However, the car has impressive performance if you drive it on the road. The specs […]

2018 Ford Focus RS500 Price, Changes, Engine

2018 Ford Focus RS500 will be one of the craziest versions of Ford Focus in the future. That is why there are many people who are enthusiastic to wait for it. Compared to the current version, it will have some changes. The differences will not be on the body but also other specs. For more […]

Mustang GT Horsepower, MPG, Speed, Designs, Prices

Mustang comes in some variants. One of the most interesting options is Mustang GT. After the current version impresses many buyers, it will come better for the next generation in 2018. Mustang GT comes in 2 models. The first is 2-door coupe whereas the second one is convertible car. So, you can choose your desired […]

Ford Trucks 2017 F-150 Review

One of the best Ford Trucks 2017 is 2017 Ford F-150. It impresses many buyers so far. It also comes with effective 10-step programs. If you want to buy this Ford truck, it will be better to know about its detailed specs first. Therefore, this article will discuss about the specs of this Ford truck. […]

The Unique Label On 2018 Ford Ranger Price

Looking for the cheapest car? It will never come unless you see the crap vehicle. Having the best design and the appropriate performances in the engine requires a huge number of dollars to purchase it. But, a hope still comes with the comparison among the dealer of the cars. Through the comparison, to find out […]

2018 Ford Focus, Review, Rumors, Design Styling, Performance, Price, Release Date

With the coming of many massively upgraded brand new cars from various manufacturers, Ford strives to offer you fine choice that can stand up against the others in 2018 year lineup. Soon, there will be the coming of 2018 Ford Focus in the car market. Said to offer high performance versions as well, it makes […]

2018 Ford mustang Specs, Performance, Engine and Release Date

Ford now becomes one of the well and most prominent manufactures in the world, which always products the great vehicle to pleasant their customers around the world. To open the 2018 market next year, Ford makes good preparation by the planning to release 2018 Ford mustang. Mustang will come to the market and complete the […]

2017 Ford Fiesta price, Specs, Powertrain and Release Date

Mid-size car becoming one of the most favorite car segments in auto market. Some great auto manufactures –including Ford, always try to produce the great car in this segment to welcome their worldwide customers. Based on some leaked information, Ford will be ready to release the new Fiesta. It will be good option for those […]